We’ve been hard at work preparing for our first ever “Radiohead Sets” coming up at Disc Jam Festival in NY and Mad Tea Party Jam in PA. A few years ago we rearranged “Paranoid Android” and had such a great time with it we decided to embark further into the Radiohead catalogue this summer. We truly cannot wait to perform these sets for you. Who knows, maybe we’ll sneak a couple more into our schedule…fb2bba48-74b8-47d5-b76e-611c36f5beff

One thought on “CTS RADIOHEAD SETS!!!

  1. Hi!

    Was at your Beardfest Radiohead set this year. So thankful and moved, I have chills just reflecting back writing this. <3.

    Was hoping to find out if and when and where you'll play another, to bring a group of very special souls. And or, the best way to stay informed of your next Radiohead set.

    See you guys at the Brooklyn Bowl in November with Papadosio. And THANK YOU for sharing the love –

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